Medication And Drug-Free Treatments

We use the Shinnick Method coaching / talking therapies to change Depression, Anxiety, Trauma and Dyslexia. Clients  often experience rapid change, that feels easy.

Used Clinically in New Zealand Since 2009

Over a thousand clients have experienced the result of these treatments. We consistently get the same lasting results.

Why Are Our Treatments Rapid?

We are solution focused. We very specifically identify the problem. Then we coach changes that mean in most cases the problem is gone.

Client Success Rates

We consistently get around a 90% success rate with clients. We also train Health Professionals and Educators who typically get similar results.

Why Do Clinical Trials?

Clinical Trials allow us to accurately verify treatment results for Patients, Clients and Health Professionals.

Professional Training

Training is available to Registered Educators and Health Professionals. e.g. Teachers, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors, Natural Therapists, and Medical Doctors etc.