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Des Shinnick

About Us

Des is an internationally known speaker, trainer, transformational coach/consultant. He has presented many trainings to a wide variety of individuals, professional groups, companies and organisations. He has refined and championed techniques and strategies for rapid change. He is the developer of the “Shinnick Anxiety and Depression” models being used today with various practitioner modalities for creating faster recovery times with meaningful results. He’s passionate about helping individuals and businesses to deepen their understanding and to create the results that matter to them and has lectured extensively on The Shinnick Models, making presentations privately and publicly. Des has also offered some invaluable help as a therapist/consultant to the people traumatised in the aftermath of tsunami in Samoa. Des is also a qualified radio and electronics engineer.

In addition to working with a handful of coaching clients, and clinical trials. Des runs professional development workshops/training for GPs, business leaders, trainers, coaches and consultants.

In 2012/13, The Shinnick Depression treatment was in Registered Medical Clinical Trial with the University of Auckland School of Medicine.

The trials were scaled back to part-time in the clinic when Des Shinnick – a key founder was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, resulting in concussion and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

Des shifted his focus to a new paradigm, when he discovered the mainstream treatment for TBI was not yielding fast enough results for him and set about treating his own TBI. He’s now developed a TBI Treatment Protocol that will now become another model of rapid treatment compared to existing options. 

Des lives in Auckland, NZ. When he’s not working, he loves walking, property and motorbikes. For more details about Des’ professional development services for individuals, companies/organisations, as well as full contact details please click on the below links.

For the session you will be in a safe, supportive atmosphere, with a comfortable setting, free from any judgement of anything discussed. In particular “The Shinnick Models” provide a highly personalised approach tailored to the individual, or group with a commitment to making your experience positive, enjoyable, informative, and successful.

Des is dedicated to helping individuals have life changing experiences and organisations experience fast effective improved results.

Des has created some client session videos. These videos highlight the kinds of rapid results possible with these techniques. Click here to watch.

                                                                                          TESTIMONIAL VIDEO