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Des Shinnick


The therapy models for treating depression and for treating anxiety were developed by Des Shinnick at his Vivachi NLP – Centre of Health practice in Auckland, New Zealand. Des has used the processes with hundreds of clients with high levels of success.



Our Core Beliefs, Values and Goals

It’s been incredible watching people’s lives change dramatically as a result of these treatments. And hearing the stories of what this has meant to them even years later reminds us of the importance of the treatments and the need to share them with the world.

Clinical Trials – In taking this to the world we have committed to running Clinical Trials globally. Why are we doing this? Well the results we get sound unbelievable. We’ve trained hundreds or professionals, they get the same results. A New Zealand Medical Doctor treated 8 patients with depression and 1 week later he reported 7 of them were no longer depressed, and 1 had trouble engaging in the process and the patient was still depressed. The process used was a short form we developed and trialled for GP’s. We think that we’re better off running the full process that takes 1 hour instead of 20 minutes. Sometimes it’s better just to do the job properly.

Clinical Trials Schedule for 2018

May 2018 – Depression, New Zealand

May 2018 – Anxiety, New Zealand

June 2018 – Depression, San Francisco, USA

June 2018 – Anxiety, San Francisco, USA

June 2018 – Dyslexia, San Francisco, USA

September 2018 – Depression, United Kingdom

September 2018 – Anxiety, United Kingdom

September 2018 – Dyslexia, United Kingdom


We currently have further enquiries from Spain, France, USA, Singapore and Japan. We will be scheduling those at the end of 2018, early 2019. Our intention is to run these globally through 2019 and in various other languages. Reach out to us if you would like to be involved in the Clinical Trials as a client or Professional.


Anxiety – in extreme cases we’ve watched people being so anxious that they can’t leave home to less than 6 hours of treatment later having no anxiety at all, being able to drive, go shopping be in crowded spaces and be anxiety free. We don’t teach people to manage anxiety, we remove it completely.

Depression – people moving from being lethargic, down, struggling to get out of bed, having constant negative thoughts to 3 hours of treatment later feeling like themselves again, finally being free from depression.

Dyslexia – it’s really interesting watching an adult or child finally discovering what has been causing them to be dyslexic, undoing it and then watching them spell easily and sometimes becoming avid readers. We also teach them how to read. I remember an adult client’s wife telling me 6 months later she still can’t believe her husband had become an avid reader, reading each night and on the bus to work. In the 10 years they’d been together she’d never seen him read one book. Changing dyslexia opens up knowledge and education.


Life Mission

We have a small team that are passionate about helping people and the planet. We want to share these treatments we’ve developed to help people move on from what for them are huge challenges. And if you’ve not had these it’s hard to explain how much of an internal challenge they can be.

Launch 2.0 – Taking this to the world again


In late 2012 early 2103 we’d started taking this to the world, we had the Depression treatment in Registered Medical Clinical Trial with the University of Auckland School of Medicine, when it all came to a massive pause for 5 years. A key founder (Des Shinnick) had a motor vehicle accident, concussion and ended up with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) being awake 6 hours a day and out of it. It was no longer possible to continue the trajectory we were on and the work was pulled back to being in clinic part time.

Des discovered that the mainstream treatment for TBI was not yielding results and set about treating his own TBI. He’s now developed a TBI Treatment Protocol that will now become another model of rapid treatment compared to existing options. The result is in the last 30 days he’s finally got back to being able to move this forward. Launch 2.0.

In going forward he’s made some changes;

  • A team has been developed to take this forward meaning that in future, taking this to the world won’t stop
  • The team covers the treatment models, web based services, software engineering administration, finance and it’s growing. Des has stepped back to a Director role. Everyone involved is passionate about taking this to the world. Many are volunteers.
  • We are committed to Clinical Trials, Professionals Training and expanding the use of these skills.
  • Our goal is to scale rapidly and we’re blogging about this so you see what our thinking is, what action we’re taking. Our aim is simple. Spread this as far as possible, as quickly as possibly, with a strong focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations and training professionals to a high level of competency.
  • Check out our Clinical Trial Plan.

We are doing everything possible to ensure Launch 2.0 shares these skills with the world.


Registered Clinical Trial Update


  • Global Clinical Trials 2018/2019
  • Depression, Anxiety and Dyslexia
  • Anywhere in the world
  • If you’d like to be involved as a client contact us here
  • If you’d like to be involved as a professional contact us here
  • Check out about our clinical trials to know why they are so valuable