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Pre-Launch – The Final Countdown!

This has been an amazing 30 days. We’ve made some great decisions, had fun and got stuff done.

1/ We conclude the last important pages for the website we’re ready to launch

2/ Business LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are all up and running

3/ Aim to Launch on Twitter on Day 31

4/ Aim to launch Facebook advertising on Day 35

5/ Day 40 we will reopen our booking system having completed all tasks to take this to the world

It’s 1pm on Sunday, there are 27 items on the task list, 12 are urgent and scheduled for completion today.

In the next week we will;

  • Launch
  • Make a final decision on the booking system and telehealth system
  • Create our Facebook marketing plan
  • Hear from our potential seed funder and business incubator as to whether or not we have an interview. Generally there are 8550 applications, 500 get chosen to interview and 150 are chosen to join the incubator. If we are in this will accelerate taking this to the world. It will also move team members from part-time moving them to join Des working full-time on this.

Wow!, it’s been seriously exciting ramping this all up. We’re making fast decisions with a focus on sharing these treatments with the world.

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A Big Thank You to the Team!

Ultimately we’re the sum of our parts. The team is growing, connecting, encouraging, supporting and getting things done. Thank you so much to Ross, Lisa, Steven, Jess, Amy, Christine and Lance. This is a week of just continuing with the tasks. We are setting ambitious timelines and largely achieving them. The 7 days a week help 🙂

1/ Plan tasks to marketing launch

2/ Website continues to get sorted, more pages are added.

Our days are filled with a continually growing and shortening task lists. Primarily around website changes. The system feels like it’s going fast and the team is growing.

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The Mechanics and Never Ending Tasks

We’ve now moved to working 7 days, with tasks focused on results. What is it we need to do to take this to the world. Nothing else matters.

“Fail Fast” becomes ever present. This does not mean fai, this means identify what will fail as soon as possible and fix it. Identify a part of the business and imagine it through the process of scaling and quickly identify if it will continue to work. If not, recognise it will fail and make changes fast. We realise our current booking system is not going to work with growth in mind. We need a new booking system and telehealth system.

1/ The website work continues.

2/ Explore various Booking and Telehealth Systems and identify the new system.

3/ Plan to set up Business LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts

4/ Seed funder training through online video continues

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The Revised Plan, Time to Accelerate!

We now have two plans depending on whether we get seed funded or not. We make a string of key decisions.

1/ Re-write the entire website.

2/ Remove our booking system and take on no further client work until Day 40 to focus on transitioning to taking this global.

3/ Reimagine delivery to market models.

4/ Continue with daily training from the seed funder.

5/ Plan to create a new website by Day 45

6/ Commit to Training Professionals in New Zealand, USA and United Kingdom before the end of 2018.

7/ Commit to Clinical Trials in 2018 for our treatments.

8/ Film videos and testimonials for the website and load them up.

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Seed Funding – And it’s Silver Lining!

We stumble onto a business Incubator that feels like a close fit. It provides seed funding and coaching, both of which will accelerate our plans.

Applications close in 8 days, on March 24th. With a lot of work and thinking about the business we successfully lodge an application an hour before the deadline. We’ve now reimagined the business. There has been a silver lining, it’s accelerated our thinking and opened up new levels of awareness. The application and free materials are immensely valuable to us.

We learn the idea of Pivot, MVP, Fail Fast, Refine, Scale, Over Deliver on Customer Experience. The seed funder has a rich resource of talks that we tap into to develop and grow our thinking. The timing is perfect.

We make the decision to accelerate as rapidly as possible, identifying a Plan A and B. The decision to apply, to divert resources, turns out to be invaluable and advances our progress beyond what we thought was possible 8 days earlier.

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