About the Rapid Depression Treatment

What’s a Session Like?

  • On the first session, we work with clients for typically between 1 and 2 hours. During this time we’ll generally do the following;
    • complete client information form
    • complete dyslexia assessments
  • Coach the Shinnick Method – Changing Dyslexia skills
  • We use talking therapies that are solution focused derived from our Clinical Therapy and Solution Focused Counselling
  • Do work that changes how we process information at a subconscious level utilising talking therapies and coaching
  • schedule a follow up that will continue the process of coaching new skills

People with Dyslexia – often have a belief that they are not smart because everyone else can do these simple skills and they can’t. The reality is different, it’s just that no one has shown them ‘how to’ do these. Once we teach clients the how of doing this suddenly that process of tangling words and letters becomes untangled and words just start to make sense for the first time.

The next step is coaching them on the skills they’ve missed to bring them up to speed rapidly.

Often you don’t have to learn words you just know them. From here clients will often start reading books and taking in information. We have a process for coaching reading that will help rapidly improve here.

Typically our work with Dyslexia has been taking 3-6 hours. They key initial change occurs with the first 2 hours.

Our clients say that this process was fast, easy, and for the first time they are reading books. This is a life changing experience for many.

The success rate of this process is over 90%.