Philanthropists and VC’S Wanted

Dear Philanthropist or VC

Unique Body of Work That Deserves Support

We rapidly remove Depression, Anxiety and Dyslexia with high success rates. Our results are unmatched.

Our work that is world leading, requiring research and development. The models of treatment are proving very effective clinically.

We have significantly improved treatments for;

Depression, Anxiety, & Dyslexia, with 1000’s of clients treated, with success rates over 80%, hundreds of professionals trained who get the same results, and we are taking these to the world now.

Trauma, PTSD, Phobias, Fears, Grief, Stress, Anger/Rage,

Reading, ADHD,

Insomnia, Nightmares, Bedwetting,

And have done interesting work in these areas that require more complete research;

Ashtma*, IBS*, Crohns Disease*, Stomach Ulcers*, Bad Acne, Nasal Drip requiring surgery*, Circulation Problems requiring surgery*, Body Shape*, Snoring*,

* These require research to be undertaken with Medical Professionals and Associated Universities.

We want to take this body of work forward and are looking for financial support to do that.

Philanthropist Support

Investment may be;

  • Donation to support taking this work forward
  • Use of Premises
  • We’d love to be housed somewhere we knew a lease wouldn’t be up soon and create a purpose targeted space for Clinic work, training, demonstrations and research. It could be a property where ownership stays with the Philanthropist.
  • You could choose to become an investor in which case check VC Support.

VC Support

We have a research house do some very unique work. We are focused on creating solutions to BIG Medical and Education challenges. The team is passionate about helping people function better and helping the planet. We have a strong passion for the work we are doing.

We would like to operate a research centre that continues this work and verticals the solutions off into new businesses. Some of those may become very successful business ventures and others may just solve problems for humanity.

We’re looking for an investment from $100,000 – $2,000,000 US. We would sell off a part of the Research Business and focus on the delivery of verticals to market globally.

There exists within this the potential for one of the spun off businesses to be a $100 million company achieving positive change in the world.

Our passion is for creating the solutions and we accept they need to be funded. The income from verticals can help that. This is similar to any University around the world that creates new technology and ideas. The key difference is they typically licence the idea. We think it would be better for us to design the final product, test it in the marketplace and then have a new business deliver it globally. Of course we’re not making money like a SaaS. We’re targeting solutions to BIG Medical and Education challenges.

We hope that the idea of supporting this research appeals to you to support humanity and that the spin offs from our work provide the added bonus of generating good returns to you as an early investor.

Our objective is to take these treatments forward and into the mainstream where we have four goals;

1/ Ensure clients get the best therapist/coach experience.
2/ Ensure Professionals get a solid training to the point they can be highly effective with clients.
3/ Spread this globally.
4/ Spread this quickly.

The customer experience is number 1.

Clinical Trials – In taking this to the world we have committed to running Clinical Trials globally. Why are we doing this? Well the results we get sound unbelievable. We’ve trained hundreds or professionals, they get the same results. A New Zealand Medical Doctor treated 8 patients with depression and 1 week later he reported 7 of them were no longer depressed, and 1 had trouble engaging in the process and the patient was still depressed. The process used was a short form we developed and trialled for GP’s. We think that we’re better off running the full process that takes 1 hour instead of 20 minutes. Sometimes it’s better just to do the job properly.

Clinical Trials Schedule for 2018

May 2018 – Depression, New Zealand
May 2018 – Anxiety, New Zealand
June 2018 – Depression, San Francisco, USA
June 2018 – Anxiety, San Francisco, USA
June 2018 – Dyslexia, San Francisco, USA
September 2018 – Depression, United Kingdom
September 2018 – Anxiety, United Kingdom
September 2018 – Dyslexia, United Kingdom

We currently have further enquiries from Spain, France, USA, Singapore and Japan. We will be scheduling those at the end of 2018, early 2019. Our intention is to run these globally through 2019 and in various other languages. Reach out to us if you would like to be involved in the Clinical Trials as a client or Professional.