Launch 2.0 – Taking this to the world again

In late 2012 early 2103 we’d started taking this to the world, we had the Depression treatment in Registered Medical Clinical Trial with the University of Auckland School of Medicine, when it all came to a massive pause for 5 years. A key founder (Des Shinnick) had a motor vehicle accident, concussion and ended up with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) being awake 6 hours a day and out of it. It was no longer possible to continue the trajectory we were on and the work was pulled back to being in clinic part time.

Des discovered that the mainstream treatment for TBI was not yielding results and set about treating his own TBI. He’s now developed a TBI Treatment Protocol that will now become another model of rapid treatment compared to existing options. The result is in the last 30 days he’s finally got back to being able to move this forward. Launch 2.0. And of course there is now a contingency plan to cover unforeseen events.

In going forward we’ve made some changes;

  • A team has been developed to take this forward meaning that in future, taking this to the world will continue.
  • The team covers the treatment models, web based services, software engineering, administration, finance and it’s growing. Des has stepped back to a Director role. Everyone involved is passionate about taking this to the world.
  • We are committed to Clinical Trials, Professionals Training and expanding the use of these skills.
  • Our goal is to scale rapidly and we’re blogging about this so you can see what our thinking is, what action we’re taking. Our aim is simple. Spread this as far as possible, as quickly as possibly, with a strong focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations and training professionals to a high level of competency.
  • Check out our Clinical Trial Plan.

We are doing everything possible to ensure Launch 2.0 shares these skills with the world.

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