Seed Funding – And it’s Silver Lining!

We stumble onto a business Incubator that feels like a close fit. It provides seed funding and coaching, both of which will accelerate our plans.

Applications close in 8 days, on March 24th. With a lot of work and thinking about the business we successfully lodge an application an hour before the deadline. We’ve now reimagined the business. There has been a silver lining, it’s accelerated our thinking and opened up new levels of awareness. The application and free materials are immensely valuable to us.

We learn the idea of Pivot, MVP, Fail Fast, Refine, Scale, Over Deliver on Customer Experience. The seed funder has a rich resource of talks that we tap into to develop and grow our thinking. The timing is perfect.

We make the decision to accelerate as rapidly as possible, identifying a Plan A and B. The decision to apply, to divert resources, turns out to be invaluable and advances our progress beyond what we thought was possible 8 days earlier.

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