“Nothing was working for me…”

“I had one session with Des and it’s completely turned around, I’ve had no more issues with depression.”

“He’s a completely different child…”

“My son had really bad depression, he wasn’t really communicating with anybody and after one session with Des, he’s a completely different child.”

“Things changed pretty quickly for me…”

“… I was impressed to be feeling myself again in such a short time.”

"I call him 'The Mind Guru'..."

“I recommend seeing Des if you have any anxiety issues.”

“I tried everything I could think of…”

“I had one session with Des, we worked on my anxiety, and that was huge. We turned it around completely.”

"I was really blown away by the results..."

“The results are transformational, with people that have been suffering with depression.”

“Before I saw Des, I was struggling with anxiety...”

“After three hours with Des, the anxiety is completely gone.”

“I managed to complete read a book in two days...”

“Which is like the 3rd book I’ve ever read in my life.”