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Shinnick Method – Rapid Depression Treatment
Shinnick Method – Rapid Anxiety Treatment
Shinnick Method – Changing Dyslexia
Working with Children for Health Professionals

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Shinnick Method - Rapid Depression TreatmentShinnick Method - Rapid Anxiety TreatmentShinnick Method - Changing DyslexiaPlease Contact Me About A Group TrainingWorking with Children for Health Professionals


We have now trained hundred’s of health professionals and educators who have achieved success results. 

Is it your turn to train with us now?


Training Prerequisites for Health Professionals;

  • Registered with an approved Professional Association
  • Registered to work Therapeutically with these conditions.
  • Typically this will mean Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors, Natural Therapists, Medical Doctors etc.