Why do Clinical Trials?

Why are we running Clinical Trials?

Striving to enrich the lives of all through education, research and improved treatments or strategies.

Clinical trials are a key research tool for advancing knowledge and client outcomes.

We have main 4 goals.

1/ Ensure clients receive the best possible therapist experience.

2/ Ensure Professionals receive the latest innovative and effective training to be highly effective with clients.

3/ Promote awareness and global engagement.

4/ Spread this quickly.

Our Plan is to achieve all of the above by running Clinical Trials.

  • We train professionals in the clinical trial treatments.
  • We can follow that days later with the Clinical Trials starting where they will see a large volume of clients being treated to reinforce their learning.
  • Because the treatments are rapid the client will have improved results in weeks.
  • Professionals will be able to sit in on sessions to further integrate skills.
  • This will lift their ability to work with clients.
  • Professionals will get to see first hand the in clinic results of the speed and effectiveness of these treatments.
  • We’ll be able to establish pockets of high skill, ideally associated with local medical schools.
  • This will dramatically lift the effectiveness of client experience.
  • All professionals will be logging in client results electronically providing customer experience tracking. We will see immediately where a Professional may need support. This further enhances our goal to provide an exceptional client and professional experience.
  • Where this gets interesting is going into another language and culture. We’ll be able to see results quickly and know if we need to make any changes to adapt to that culture or language. We can then make immediate changes and immediately update the professionals.